The Ins and Outs of Online Togel Games

The Ins and Outs of Online Togel Games

Introduction to Online Togel

Online lottery is a new form of the lottery game itself, of course you all know that in this game there are things that are quite different than before. So from that so that later you don’t make mistakes in playing. Here I will explain the ins and outs of this game to you.

The times have changed the world into the information era, which is now connected to the internet. The internet is an invention that has ushered us into the information age, which is now easy to get information from around the world. In fact, time has gone on and this internet network is not only a provider of information but also a service which is now proven by the existence of online Toto SGP.

This online lottery itself is a form of the toggle game that has been adapted to internet technology. So that now, to be able to play, you only need to access the site that provides the game service. So from that on this occasion I will also explain about this game to you Togel lovers.

Playing Togel Online

To be able to play Togel online is not difficult considering that this game was not difficult to play in the past. This we can see that in this game you will still be asked to guess the appearance of the output numbers that will be drawn later. Even the number of numbers drawn will be 4 numbers which are also known as:

As: The number that appears at the very front of the output digit.
Header: The number that appears on the back of the Ace.
Head: The number that appears on the back of the Kop.
Tail: The number that appears at the very back of the output digit.
So if I take an example the draw the output number that appears is 2145. In this output figure, the position will be divided into As = 2, Kop = 1, Head = 4 and Tail = 5.

This distribution of names is important for you to make it easier to place bets later because there are various types of bets that are played using only certain output numbers. Such as the following types of online lottery bets:

Big bet small

In this Online Data SGP, only the Head and Tail output numbers will be used, while for As and Kop just ignore it. When you choose this bet type, later you only need to choose one choice between big or small which will be categorized as follows:

If the combination of Head and Tail numbers forms the numbers 00 – 49 then the small selections win and the big ones lose.
If the combination of Head and Tail numbers forms the numbers 50 – 99 then the big choices win and the small ones lose.

Odd Even Bet

In this online lottery bet, you will only use 1 output number, namely the tail. So if you play in the odd even lottery, the output numbers are As, Kop and Head, just ignore them because they are not used. Later you will be given only 2 choices, namely Odd and Even. The categorization is as follows:

If the tail numbers that appear are 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 then the even and odd choices are lost.
If the tail numbers that appear are 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 then the odd choice wins and even loses.
The Match Bet
For the following online lottery bets, you will be asked to choose one of the numbers first that you want to guess by choosing one from Ace, Head, Head and Tail. After you choose one, then you only need to bet by selecting the numbers that you think will appear later at the time of the drawing.

2D Online Togel Betting

Next there is a 2D Togel bet which also bets by choosing numbers only. It’s just that this time you don’t just guess 1 number but 2 numbers and also for the choice of the output number you don’t have but have been determined, namely using the Head and Tail output numbers.

3D betting

For online lottery bets, the following is similar to the 2D Togel above, only that the difference is the number of numbers at stake and also the output numbers used are Head, Head and Tail. In other words, the number you are betting on is 3 numbers.

4D betting

Furthermore, for this online Togel bet, you have to bet on the entire number of outputs starting from Ace, Head, Head and Tail which you will be asked to place a 4-digit bet.

From the betting explanation above, of course you already know that determining the name of each output number is very important in this online lottery game.